uno itinere non potest perveniri ad tam grande secretum -- Q. Aurelius Symmachus, 384 C.E.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The False Narrative Reality of the ADF

Lots of people have suggested, in response to my review of "God's Not Dead," that it does not present a narrative reality, but rather just an isolated incident that they found inspiring. But the end credits, with a solicitation from the Alliance Defending Freedom, belie any such claim. Here is an infomercial (with Kirk Cameron!) for this organization, complete with just the sort of anecdotal stories suggesting college campuses are all "anti-Christian" or "anti-American," or whatnot. Check out the 19 minute, where some Georgia Tech students complain that they weren't allowed to condemn same-sex marriage. Tell me again this is not the (false) narrative reality of a large group of people. It is.

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